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SAHRC invites Danny Jordaan for mediation amidst rape allegations

13 August 2021

PRETORIA– The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has written to beleaguered South African soccer boss, Danny Jordaan, requesting him to participate in a mediatory process following allegations of rape against him reported by former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson.
“In light of the above, the commission hereby invites you to participate in a mediatory process in an attempt to resolve the matter. This approach is intended to promote understanding, respect for the law and reconciliation between the parties,” the SAHRC said in a letter seen by African News Agency, addressed to Jordaan by Buang Jones, Gauteng provincial head of the SAHRC.

“Through mediatory processes, positive behaviour is promoted more effectively, expeditiously and constructively, with increased prospects of strengthening positive conduct. The commission therefore seeks your cooperation, as determined by the South African Human Rights Act 40 of 2013 (SAHRC Act), to resolve this matter through mediation.”

In 2017, Ferguson alleged that Jordaan, the South African Football Association boss, raped her at a Nelson Mandela Bay hotel room 25 years ago. In 2018, she laid a charge of rape against Jordaan at Johannesburg's Parkview police station.

Jordaan, a former mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, has denied that the incident happened and has insisted that he is innocent. In 2017, he denied Ferguson's offer of mediation between the two, saying it ran the risk of the public perceiving ''that there is a cover up away from the glare of public scrutiny".

On Friday, civil rights movement #NotInMyName, which has been at the forefront of growing calls for Jordaan to resign, said it was pleased by the SAHRC intervention.

“Following our meeting with the South African Humans Right Commission last month, we are pleased that they have sent a letter to Safa president Danny Jordaan demanding answers of his alleged rape of Ms Jennifer Ferguson,” said #NotInMyName secretary general Themba Masango.

“She opened a rape case against him in 2018 but there seems to be coordinated silence from that time until now. All Ms Ferguson wants is for Mr Jordaan to acknowledge what he did to her and we as South Africans deserve to know the truth.”

Masango said Ferguson is seeking closure.

“Mr Danny Jordaan, as someone who occupies a very important and influential position in society, must afford the South African Human Rights Commission the engagement and accountability expected of him. #NotInMyName is committed to being the voice of the silent majority of this nation. We are interested in justice, and justice alone. We are looking forward to justice being served,” said Masango.

Source: ANA

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