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Harassment case against Makhado councillor for racist social media comments

6 October 2021

CAPE TOWN - The SA Human Rights Commission is gunning for Anthony Mathumba, a Makhado Local Municipality councillor it alleges was the face behind the controversial “Tracy Zille” Twitter account.
The commission had referred the matter to the Louis Trichardt Equality Court after investigating a complaint relating to the social media account.

“It appeared from the account that a white woman was making disparaging, racist and harassing comments towards black women in particular. From a closer inspection, and after an expose in the media, it was reported that the Tracy Zille account was in fact run by one Mr Anthony Mathumba, a local councillor from the Makhado Local Municipality.

“It was further reported that Mr Mathumba was generating an income from making these disparaging and inflammatory comments online through companies he owned and registered to which social media users were directed,” said the commission.

The Equality Court case is expected to proceed on Wednesday until Friday.

“The SAHRC is requesting the court to declare comments made by Mr Mathumba as harassment based on gender and race, and for the Respondent to pay damages as a result of his impugned statements.

“As per the SAHRC’s argument, which will be presented in court, the SAHRC condemns any form of harassment against women, and in particular in this matter black women, as it contradicts the aims of the Equality Act, 2000. The SAHRC is further confident that the court will send a strong message against anonymous social media users who attempt to abuse these platforms to the detriment of social cohesion and nation building,” said the commission.

Source: Cape Times

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