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Rev up for court

27 Feb 2023

REV UP FOR Co Pastor unapologetic on his stance regarding God and homosexuality MIN GESPIN: Oscar Bougardt. Yoke Mense praat aam el eda REK JOU EK SMS your message to ION1.1Each text costs RI.50 Whatapp your message to 0787505627 I Dude, these nor taln duos, h Solt Africa is 1.d Medlin,. Thanks stems the only reliable Wig in Eskorn.I.J8. REK OFTHE CONTROVERSIAL reverend Oscar Bougardt has been reported to the SA Human Rights Commission again for saying homosexuality is an "abomination to God".
LGBTQ+ activist Clive Jacobs piemped Bougardt to the SAHRC following the comments he made in the Daily Voice's Rek Jou Bek column. The activist decided to take action after Bougardt also called out the LGBTQ+ community for "wanting to force their ideologies down people's throats". Speaking to the BY TRACYLYNN RUITERS Voice, Jacobs said Bougardt's comments made him angry. "My God rejects condemnation. He never judges, so who are you and why do you judge and condemn us for all the years?" Jacobs wanted to know. "You have nothing good to say about homosexuality and the greater LGBTQ+ communities. "I think you must take me on a date in order to get to know us better, also you need to make sure you get a passport to heaven." He added: "Why don't you target the gangsters out there? "Where gangsters rule, go condemn them, go up to them and point fingers so that they can kick your ass. "I pray for you, reverend Oscar Bougardt. Human rights courts are waiting on you." Bougardt could be in contempt of a high court order regarding an earlier case in 2014 where he was found guilty of discrimination. He was ordered to refrain from publishing statements that are discriminatory or incite hatred or harm on the grounds of sexual orientation. Complaint At the time of the offence, he said on Facebook that homosexuality was a "curse", and that gays were "perverts".

SAHRC commissioner Chris Nissen yesterday confirmed that they hadreceived a complaint from Jacobs. "We will be looking to see if he Bougardt is in contempt of court, but either way, we are living in a democratic society, where people can choose who and what they want to be. "He is not God and nobody can condemn anybody. The LGBTQ+ community is our family." But an unapologetic Bougardt yesterday told the Voice that Jacobs "could do whatever he pleased". "I stand by what I said; homosexuality is an abomination, and yes they are trying to brainwash our children with boor. kiwi became ids ohs.* de don't pe to school end WilaPhapçeto in the townsitipt whore se..up, thiermetros ore sm.., II ebey Ci do timer am ea.& !angles. whet th slides shown berg Mae. Lae Enforcement orhodo.. res. Sabortu in Elute Ave tort AO. a the wedl. Weds by rhe way is a roadent...eafely... car tend is that Mr Law En..Sul oak the *hark dwellers tort apt. put up S,Wr pbset or Wordy or seri 14.1 a oalunety heroin Soui Africa Eimer.. Eloise POLITICS II lam meeas cell hock the white that built the power station. The *gale. call beck Pb. whites loris tie f.47,;,,ukt AL Wit.so, Ono Oru M goroeoen.er go RIM? They don't have money to Ir. Eakin. no Mr, fur hcraiogna creare, .I.Wrciaiwo not rubbish on Pa aced exc., Co., ANC laiosrtu,ki you he Ai.. R3S0 a wad, vr al le mei their filth and with their ideologies and propaganda. "I don't care what he does, he can go to the Human Rights Commission and take me back to court," he said. "That is what I said and that is what they are doing." TAKING ACTION: Clive Jacobs. sam.conmunikeloog watt trim. are stupid. Stop tryiep to osifuee dilation with your perverted los eed prepared.We are al it male aid tooretate . WOOq with terms heed boyftveryd id, We bees with us tor very bog. No meal was IdNed or undwlide ' tele was used Th.: LOT. ogeeOriel aunt ete. their ten.. over eirree.sril allow nob. tie take OP Soup. oily :T.0 amen. *hop im Arks. thseNinG the people 2 are'. UP frr.eil ...ir inirr=r4hemiet=hag onsuwer 8owd needs to ewer*. the row Chow are more coople wbo hem pey aar. plea* write tots an.. board US$. IN Those lire Wall loads. Me burnt tdoggte alive will see liwir pitons I.y tore jut too. tomorrow, due on, II veld T. LASICIVAYZ eke, looting tor Ocretyou 9. 111116 6 son. Au van odit

Source: Daily Voice

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